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Oxley Electrical CCTV


CCTV is essential for everyday life to ensure that your premises is secured and monitored at all times. It is not only for monitoring your premises 24/7, but it can also act as a deterrent to potential intruders. Our team offers customers the best packages that are designed to meet your security requirements and budget.

Intruder Alarm

Our team provides, installs and manages high-quality home protection alarms, depending on your requirements it can be wired or wireless. We offer two types of these alarms, whether you want our perimeter beam which detects force entry or an internal beam that detects the presence of intruders inside our team has got you covered.

Electric Gates

We are qualified specialists in providing services for swinging and sliding electric gates for residential properties. We ensure security and proper functioning with the long life of your gate, you can select a range of designs and styles to suit your residence. If you require professional and reliable services for the safety of your property, give our team a call or reach out through the forms on this website…


At Oxley Electrical & Security LTD we offer a variety of fire detection and alarm systems. Our systems give out an early warning if fire or smoke is detected within your property to ensure that the occupants are alerted in time to react to the danger of fire. We can perform an onsite evaluation and recommend the most appropriate systems that are designed to facilitate your safety requirements.


At Oxley Electrical & Security we offer you the best available broadband solution that is available to you. We offer upgrades that focus on improving connection speeds, congestion reductions and new devices that can provide network connectivity to your local network in your premises. Oxley Electrical has the best technology to improve the wifi signal in your premises.

Access Control

Oxley Electrical provides you with the best access control systems with complete control over high security and restricted areas. We can help you design a secure system that limits who enters these areas and who and when access is granted. Our access control systems are an efficient and practical way to help reduce the cost and accountability of employing security personnel.

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